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Our Vision and Our Mission

Yasir Rasool , Amir Samad & Hujatul Islam are three young and dynamic persons from Lal Bazar, Srinagar. Who do take actively part in social welfare activities. Initially Yasir Rasool got an idea of starting an Online Blood donation System which He named as ‘Ehsaas Ek Zindagi Bachane Ka’ which is an initiative to improve the scenario of blood donation in Kashmir, It is not limited to Jammu and Kashmir but In India too.

Team ASNAAV is in conversation with Yasir and tries to find out in detail what have been the leaps and bounds of this journey and what have been the challenges and obstacles in making this noble idea turn into a reality.

Q: First of all, tell us what inspired you or moved you to form “Ehsas Ek Zindagi Bachanay Ka”?

Earlier this year, I got an opportunity to visit SMHS Hospital, Srinagar where I saw a lady accompanying her husband who had to go through a surgery. She was unable to find a blood donor and arrange blood for her husband. Helpless and hopeless, with moist eyes, she couldn’t do anything but wait and watch. At the same time, I saw another patient suffering from cancer. In a short conversation with them, I came to know that they were looking for a blood donor but had failed to trace one. In the process, they had lost money, energy and time but all in vain. Soon after the incident, an idea struck my mind to create a database which can prove helpful in these matters and save time and life as well. This is the moment that really moved me to form a “Blood Bank For All”.

Q: Can you share with our readers what happened after this incident?

I was new to these things and didn’t know much about it. But, the humanity in me didn’t let me rest. I straightaway went to the Blood Bank of the hospital where I was told that they had no stock left. Disappointed from here, I took the advantage of social media and requested one of my friends, Vijdan Muhammed Kawoosa, to update a status on Facebook and mention the same thing in it. Within no time, we got an overwhelming response. We received calls even as late as 3 O’clock in the night. Finally, the families got blood donors.

Q: Please tell us briefly what your initiative is and what purpose it serves?

This is the beginning of a great initiative which will serve mankind irrespective of caste, color, and region or religion. Our aim is to bridge the gap between a volunteer blood donor and the needy person.

Q: What were the initial challenges and hindrances that you faced in giving shape to your idea?

During the initial stage, we faced some issues like Money, Manpower, Publicity, etc. “Ehsas Ek Zindagi Bachanay Ka”, was initially supported by many of my Facebook friends. They gave shape to it and provided all sorts of help including emotional and financial help. My friends, especially Aamir Samad, Murtaza Shantoo, Ahmad Munawar, Junaid Ahmad, Aadil Altaf, Peerzada Musadiq, Nasir Rasheed and Wani Nusrat, gave unconditional support to it. Thankfully, in less than a month of its start, hundreds of people registered themselves for the ‘Volunteer Blood Donation’ purpose.

Q: As you mentioned earlier that you used Facebook to post that message, We would like to ask you how beneficial Social Networking Platforms have been to you during the course of this initiative?

As I said earlier that my friends used Facebook to spread the news about the need for blood. I believe that today Social Media can’t be ignored; we can’t simply do without it. For me, social networking has been an indispensable part of my journey. To serve the purpose and streamline the things, we have launched a website

Q: At last, what message would you like to convey to our readers?

Blood can’t be manufactured, it can only be donated. The need of the hour is to encourage the blood donors who come forward and donate their blood. It is high time to become a volunteer so that no patient suffers. But, it is a team work. It is you who can keep the flame ignited. The platform is ready; help us to grow it large. Your help matters. Lastly, I would also like to take this opportunity to say that there is always a space for improvement. Share your ideas, suggestions, and feedback at [email protected]

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