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Our Vision and Our Mission

On 12th of January 2017, I got an opportunity to visit SMHS Hospital Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. I saw a lady accompanying her husband who had to go through the surgery. She was unable to find a blood donor and arrange blood for her husband. Helpless and hopeless she with moist eyes couldn't do much but only wait and watch. At the same time I saw another patient suffering from cancer. It was evident from the faces of the family members that hard times persist still. I could easily read their faces on which the signs of distress and anxiety were telling it all. In a short conversation with them, I came to know that they were looking for a blood donor but failed to trace a one. In the process, they lost some money in travel and the precious time as well. I was new to these things and didn't know much about it. But humanity in me didn't let me rest. I thought it is better to talk to the authorities. While talking to the associates of the Blood Bank, I got a cold response, "We don't have enough units here". Firstly I thought to argue with them but then let it go. As God had planned something better like always. I took the advantage of social media and requested one of my friends 'Vijdan Muhammed Kawoosa' to update a status and mention the same thing in it-an appeal. Within no time I got an overwhelming response, many a calls and even got a call at around 3 AM from a blood donor. The need was met and the family thanked the donor for his courage and selfless individuality. Soon after the incident, an idea struck in my mind to create a database which can prove helpful in these matters, save time and the lives as well. It is worth to mention that blood can't be manufactured at all, it can be donated instead. The need of the hour is to encourage the blood donors who come forward and donate their blood. It is a high time to become a volunteer so that no patient suffers. "Ehsas Ek Zindagi Bachanay Ka", an initiative was started, initially supported by many of my Facebook friends. They gave shape to it and provided all sorts of help including emotional and financial help for this noble cause. Friends especially- Aamir Samad, Murtaza Shantoo, Ahmad Munawar, Junaid Ahmad, Aadil Altaf, Peerzada Musadiq, Nasir Raheed and Wani Nusrat gave unconditional support to it. Thankfully, in less than a month of its start, hundreds of people registered themselves for the 'Volunteer Blood Donation' purpose. This is the beginning of a great initiative which will serve the mankind irrespective of caste, color, and region or religion etcetera. To serve the purpose and streamline the things, we launched a website as well. Our aim is to bridge the gap between a volunteer and the needy person. And internet is the best medium with which it can be achieved successfully. But it is a team work. Singly I can't do much and may leave the things as it is. It is you who can keep it going. To serve people should be the principle focus. Platform is ready; help us to grow it large. Your help matters. You know, there is always a space for improvement. Have any ideas, suggestions etcetera, and share with us at: "". It is time to self-help, live for others and serve the society.

Apart from this we will promote all other initiatives that are non political and does not violate the scared code of Islam.

Help us to help society by your ideas, Suggestion, Skills and Efforts.
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